Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cooler weather is on the way

  Our Bradywine tomato plants have seen better days.  We decided to pull them out and plant peas instead of letting them pass slowly. With a little help from my daughter, Anya, I was able to complete this task with ease.  I also owe thanks to my husband, Nicholas, for building these great raised bed.  I only received one spider bite. :-)

My little helper

Our last tomato harvest of 2010

  I harvested all decent tomatoes and the bed is now ready for peas, which are soaking.  Just trying out the soaking method. It's a faster process than waiting for them to germinate.

Mix of Tom Thumb, Amish Snap, Snowbird

   Wraped them in a paper towel and let them soak over night.  The little sprout are starting to come out.  They are ready to plant.

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