Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wool fleece cleaned and carded

Tunis sheep's wool is so lusciously soft, plenty of lanolin.  I bought this wool from Red Rope Farm. They focus on natural grass feeding. That's pretty basic.

Tunis Sheep at Red Rope Farm

I carded it with my Louet drum carder.  Less time consuming than a hand carder.  I use the washing machine method , which can be found here, with unscented, plant-based detergent. Now, it is ready to be used as stuffing and for spinning yarn.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cooler weather is on the way

  Our Bradywine tomato plants have seen better days.  We decided to pull them out and plant peas instead of letting them pass slowly. With a little help from my daughter, Anya, I was able to complete this task with ease.  I also owe thanks to my husband, Nicholas, for building these great raised bed.  I only received one spider bite. :-)

My little helper

Our last tomato harvest of 2010

  I harvested all decent tomatoes and the bed is now ready for peas, which are soaking.  Just trying out the soaking method. It's a faster process than waiting for them to germinate.

Mix of Tom Thumb, Amish Snap, Snowbird

   Wraped them in a paper towel and let them soak over night.  The little sprout are starting to come out.  They are ready to plant.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Finally finished

I have been working on these felt eggplants for about 5 days.  I had to keep putting them aside. 

I put magnets inside sewn shut pockets behind 2 layers of eco felt.  I thought the magnets would work better than velcro.  These eggplants are going to be in a set of different veggies that can be cut.  Once I am done with the other veggies,  I will be selling the set at my etsy shop.

These petit eggplants remind me of our eggplants in the garden.

Early Girl

Friday, September 3, 2010

Made with hands

As a little girl, I lived in Russia. Homesteading was and still is a big part of my lifestyle.

Right now, I am a work at home mom. I enjoy crafting in my spare time, usually when my little one is asleep.

In 2010, I started selling my handmade things on Etsy. Truly happy to be a part of  this vast group of talented people.  Through this blog, I will share my ideas and snippets of my life.