Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mini Upcycled Rug

Pattern here. I made fabric strips from used clothing, instead of yarn, and jute rope.  I found a place to display my rug and it's looking lovely.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dyeing Eggs Naturally

We are enjoy spring with a few cold days, but today was beautiful. I'm keeping my kids from boredom, by experimenting and dyeing with natural homemade dyes.

I gathered some ingredients we had laying around, boiled some water, and prepared the eggs.

For purple pinkish color:
~ 1 Tbsp. of red cabbage powder, I found in my son's chemistry kit
~ 1 cup of boiling water
~ 2 Tbsp. of citric acid granules, but white vinegar would do

For mustard yellow color:
~ 1.5 Tbsp. of turmeric powder
~ 1 cup of boiling water
~ 2 Tbsp. of citric acid granules

For rust orange color:
~ 2 Tbsp. of paprika powder 
~ 1 cup of boiling water
~ 2 Tbsp. of citric acid granules

Enjoy and remember, the colors are earthy and lighter than conventional egg dyes.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Upcycled Cloth Diapers & Covers

Bustling around lately, maybe it's my coffee or the change in weather, whatever it is, I can't stop. Let me begin telling you that my family has two generations of cloth diaper wearing. Recently, I got a chance to make some diapers for a dear friend.  Being an upcycler, I used t-shirts, retired bath towels, and used, thin hospital blankets. I did some looking around and found Very Baby tutorial.
 By changing the measurement in the tutorial, I made 3 sizes, which are newborn, baby, and toddler. I got an idea for the measurements from Green Mountain Diapers .

For the diaper covers, I used wool sweaters and pattern from Ottobre Design 6/2010. Very Baby diaper cover tutorial was useful, along with their patterns.

my version
Finished? Not yet, you have to lanolize those covers, leaving your hands soft. It's like a little gift for you, as a mother.

Now you are done!

Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in my blog!